About Fang Studio

Fang Studio

Fang Studio Limited is a Hong Kong based product design company founded in 2007 by Dutch designer Danny Fang. The company focus is on product design and development for Asian manufacturing.



We offer our three key services to clients:
– Development of a long term product strategy.

– Design and development of products and product ranges.

– Manufacturing of products for clients.



We research the consumer’s need and his environment to come up with new and relevant ideas. To find efficient ways to manufacture our ideas, we keep up to date with the newest technologies and production processes and we stay involved in many product categories.


Design and business philosophy

Design needs to contribute to the world in an inspiring, comfortable and attractive way.


A designer has several responsibilities:

– design a good product

– find the most efficient manufacturing process

– be aware of the social and environmental impact of what we make


– The product:

Everyday our needs change because our environment evolves. To give focus and relevance to a project we need to study the way we live, the way we work and the way we interact with each other. Through this research we can come up with well-founded ideas and concepts for new products.


– Manufacturing:

We need to design our products in such a way that we make the optimum use of our production methods. Every process and material has its own characteristics and qualities and we need to utilise these possibilities in our design language. Designing accordingly is the best way to find the balance between the production, costs, the use of available resources and the final design.


– Impact:

We use the industry to manufacture our products and ideas, but designers also have the responsibility to guide in its development; we need to push craftsmen to develop their crafts and manufacturers to push their technology further to make more intelligent products.




– Mass production:

Fang Studio works with Asian manufacturers to develop their specific strengths and thus stimulate development of the labour force. On the long term this will help to evolve and mature the design and manufacturing industry.
With mass production everything we do gets multiplied. Every unsafe or polluting production method gets multiplied. On the other hand, every added value we introduce, every resource we save and every improvement that we make will multiply as well, contributing to a more sustainable world.

If we focus on creating out of love, we believe profit will come. That is why our motto is “Create love, Not more.”


About Danny Fang



Dutchman Danny Fang (1975) graduated from the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven in 1998. After working as a freelance designer and developing a project for fair trade in Kenya and Zimbabwe , he worked at the Dutch Institute of Applied Scientific Research for almost two years.
From 2000-2006 Fang worked at Marcel Wanders Studio where he was responsible for the product department.


In 2007 Fang moved to Hong Kong where he set up Fang Studio Ltd. In 2008 he was elected by Perspective Magazine as one of the “40 under 40” talented and young individuals who lead Asia’s design industry.


Danny Fang, photograph by Rensis Ho