Pimping Dutch

Client: Detour 2009

Design: 2009
During the detour event at the Hong Kong business of Design week in December 2009, Danny Fang with 4 other Local Dutch designers ( Sjoerd Hoekstra, Esther van Wijck, Boukje Koch and Ton van Bragt) created the event ‘Pimping Dutch’.

In Hong Kong, just like many other places in the world, the general public sees design as a gallery statement. They experience design as something awe amazing, beautiful or as weird and ugly. With pimping Dutch we wanted to show the real value of product design: every product has as much value as we perceive it or give it. For the project to start, an ad was placed in the local papers and people were asked to bring their old an broken stuff. For free, Local Dutch would try to fix it and for sure ‘Pimp’ it. With the Dutch motives of the royal orange, the red white and blue flag, gold and delft blue, Local Dutch got to work and in the two weekends of the festival over 30 products got ‘pimped’ and found a new place in the hearts of their original owners.