Philips Detachable Speaker Platform

Client: Philips Design

Design: 2012

Material: Consumer Electronics

Philips contracted Danny Fang as an external design consultant to collaborate and explore new concept platforms for Philips’ Home Cinema and Sound division.

Together with the Philips Design team, I created a truly wireless surround sound on demand concept that can be used either as a single integrated audio solution or an immersive surround sound movie experience by detaching the rechargeable wireless surround sound speakers from the central unit and placing them in any location in the room.

The first product designed by Philips with this new concept is the Philips Fidelio HTL9100 which won the Philips Design team several awards and merits including

– CES Innovation and Design Award 2013 (USA)
– European Immaging and Sound Association 2013/14 – European HT innovation
– Erkenning Goed Industrieel Ontwerp (the Netherlands)
– What HiFi Sound and Vision – Product of the Year overall winner (Great Brittain)
– Design For Asia Awards

This new platform not only enables Philips to be recognized as an innovator in sound concepts, but also to lead new segments in the home cinema sound market.