Love it!

Client: Design for charity event “Butchers Deluxe”

Design: 2010

Butchers Deluxe is a Design for Charity event to raise funds for “Room to Read”. The organization invited 13 international designers to give their comments on the Iconic Hong Kong butcher light that can be found over any street market stall in Hong Kong.

The street markets of Hong Kong are areas where hard working people try to make a living, dreamers wander around and tourist make the most beautiful pictures. And the home to the red glowing butcher lights.

The lights are merely functional and definitely not objects of luxury, but with its outspoken color, its archetypical shape and no nonsense approach they are a very important icon for Hong Kong’s daily life, and an ambassador for Hong Kong culture.

For me there is nothing to add to this light. It is already perfect both in a practical sense and in its cultural relevance. So the only thing for me to do with this light is to love it and everything it stands for.