LED Track Lighting for Retail

LED Track Lighting for Retail

Client: Megaman

Design: 2013 (in collaboration with Sjoerd Hoekstra)

Material: LED, Aluminium, ABS

LED Technology has taken such a flight, that the perception of the light architecture got left behind: traditional track lighting consist of an armature in which a light source is mounted and that can be replaced when its broken.

The quality of LED is now so good, that most likely the light source will outlive the lifespan of a shop design. This gave us the opportunity to develop a new archetype where the LED and the armature are combined into one simple object. The advantage is 20-30% cost reduction.

The other advantage is for the design outlook. This solution gave us the opportunity to create simple and elegant lights that can stand on their own. However, we took into account that retail designers might want to ad/change the identity depending on the shop design. These lights are easy to accessorize with lightshades that are made by Megaman, or can be fabricated by the outfitters themselves.

Hanging the fixture in the track is just as easy as ever, but for directing the light source we have developed a simple solution to keep the light in place wherever you point it without having to fixate anything.